H.O.W. Journal in the Press

“Two of the seven works of fiction in this issue are first-publications for authors, suggesting the editors mean it when they state their intent to publish “today’s prominent writers and artists alongside upcoming talents.” (The) compelling cover-art is a fitting introduction to perhaps the most visually appealing literary journal I’ve read” – John Gilmore,, April, 2010

“NY based H.O.W. Journal (Helping Orphans Worldwide) promotes via an all-star cast of editors and excellent contributors awareness of the 15 million children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Confident of its longevity, the publisher makes available a ‘lifetime subscription’ (infinite) for $500.” – Library Journal, January 2009

“Do you want your writing to make a mark beyond the page – your poem to contribute to a bilingual conversation, your short story to help feed children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, your memoir to support initiatives that promote environmental awareness? Do you want your submission to fuel social change?” – Poets and Writers, May/June 2009

“For a Good Cause: H.O.W., Fall/Winter, 2008; H.O.W (Helping Orphans Worldwide) offers a diverse selection of art and literature in its third outing (Fall/Winter 2008), simultaneously attempting to raise awareness (and funds) for orphans. The journal isn’t exactly what you’d expect out of a publication devoted to such goals. Although there is the anticipated ‘visual reportage’ of two orphanages in Ethiopia and Tanzania (which certainly helps to show off its mission), the rest of it is an eclectic grouping of the beautiful, the profane, and the weird. Add to this that the issue has some of the highest production values and attention to overall aesthetics seen on the minor literary circuit, and the result is a very strong outing for a new journal.” – Richard Radford, The Review Review

“The proceeds of the sales and submission fees go to various orphanages around the world. To make sure it sells, it uses both ‘prominent writers and artists with rising stars to produce an eclectic mixture.’ How can anyone go wrong with a journal meant for such a worthy cause? The quality of this journal equals its cause, clinched by using top-notch writers with imaginations that rival their ability to put words together. There is not much in this journal specifically about orphans, instead there is very high quality work that anyone could be happy to pay for to benefit their own mind and library. The other benefit – the business of H.O.W., Inc. is a blessed bonus.” Anne Wolfe,, July 2009

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