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Jessica Poli’s: Dementia Song

Congratulations again to Jessica Poli, winner of our 2013 poetry contest.  If you enjoy her work make sure to check out her startling and heart-bending new book, The Egg Mistress. . . . Dementia Song for Gus The pressing of thingsagainst windows. Your mother singsas winter sours the sills. Moss green carpetseeps into your feet. Inside the little house,someone screaming at the door; the furnace in the cellar shaking; the floor covered in mountains, the gramophone spilling grain. And boats, out of nowhere, rocking—And O, how they sing.    

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Poetry by Jessica Poli

Here’s another poem from Jessica Poli, winner of our 2013 poetry contest.  Enjoy! For Rubies To Erupt From Soil I won’t be scared of my teeth. Of those horses shifting through the corn rows. Of the world, old and full of snow. Going slowly, I feel for rubies in the pasture but only find bits of glass which I never know how to handle. And there is clay, too, forming half- letters that once made a sign advertising fresh milk at varying prices. The ground smells like crying. I come across a neighborhood boy lighting matches to throw at my skin as he screams to no one: nothing. He screams and screams as I sit and sift. Jessica Poli’s heart belongs to Pittsburgh. She is currently an MFA student at Syracuse University, Editor of Birdfeast Magazine, and Poetry Editor for Salt Hill. Her first chapbook, The Egg Mistress, was published by Gold Line Press in 2013.

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