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Wearable Literature Edition Two

Wearable Literature Two is now available. T-shirts designed by Julie Farstad, Loretta Mae Hirsch, Kenneth E. Parris III, and Yuanyuan Yang. Text by Anne Carson, Robert Currie, Junot Díaz, Francine Prose, and George Saunders. T-shrits are 100% Cotton, Vintage Soft, Crew Neck from Alternative Apparel.     Words by Anne Carson & Robert Currie Artwork by Julie Farstad Past our window Fly scraps of paper and red hats and fish All then captured in the nets of trees Past our hats Fly branches of scrap and fish and capture All red trees and nets. Words by Francine Prose Artwork by Loretta Mae Hirsch He knew what women wanted was the simple attention a man would give another man talking about his car… Words by Junot Díaz Artwork by Kenneth E. Parris III We found an empty apartment out near the highway, left the dogs and the milk outside. You know how it is when you get back with somebody you’ve loved. It felt better than it ever was, better than it ever could be again. After, she drew on the walls with her lipstick and her nail polish, stick men and stick women boning. Words by George Saunders Artwork by Yuanyuan Yang I go back to my Verisimilitude Evaluation on the Cimarron Brothel. Everything looks super. As per my recommendations they’ve replaced the young attractive simulated whores with uglier women with a little less on the ball. We were able to move the ex-simulated whores over to the Sweete Shoppe, so everybody’s happy, especially the new simulated whores, who were for the most part middle-aged women we lured away from fast-food places via superior wages.           Artwork by: Julie Farstad was born in Elmira, New York and lives and works in Kansas City, MO. She received an MFA in Painting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a BFA in Painting from the University of Notre Dame. She has received a number of awards for both her teaching and her painting and has shown her work in numerous solo exhibitions in Chicago and New York. Farstad’s paintings focus on “themes of childhood, specifically the childhood dramas of girlhood, femininity and feminism.” Loretta Mae Hirsch is an MFA Candidate at the New York Academy of Art. Her work has been featured in a number of publications as well as group and solo exhibitions. She was born in the American south, has lived in London and Barcelona, and currently resides in New York City. She has studied at the Kansas City Art Institute, Atlanta College of Art, and Glasgow School of Art. Kenneth E. Parris III is a Brooklyn based artist. Born in Philadelphia, PA, 1975, raised in Austin, TX, Kenneth had his first solo exhibition at G Gallery in Houston, TX, March 2007. Since then, he has exhibited in galleries and exhibition spaces in New York City and across the United States as well as in numerous Contemporary Art Fairs. Kenneth graduated with a BFA in Illustration and an AAS in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology, NY and has a professional background in Advertising and Design. Kenneth is also an Art Editor for H.O.W. Journal. His paintings and installations have been critically acclaimed by numerous publications and media including National Public Radio. Blending layers of wood, paper, type, paint and image he explores inter-personal relationships and the effect of an individuals actions on the surrounding human landscape. Kenneth also works…

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