Five Works Maintained by the Dia Art Foundation

Earth Room, The Broken Kilometer, untitled, 7000 Oaks, & Times Square 
Five Works Maintained by the Dia Art Foundation 
by Alexxa Gotthardt 

Drawing: Max Neuhaus, Times Square, 1992, Colored pencil on paper. Sound Location: Pedestrian island, intersection of Broadway and Seventh Ave, between 45th & 46th Streets, New York City, Dia Art Foundation.

In recent years, pop-up spaces and public installations have expanded and happily scattered notions of the traditional museum and gallery. Diversified, spontaneous art projects constellate with ivory tower, white-box monuments, a change recognized (with next to no affront) by countless journalists, critics, students, and bloggers. New York seems especially fervent in its newfangled blurts of tiny, smart exhibitions; big, gamey murals; and encompassing, site-specific installations. The fact that this expansion beyond the bounds of rote white spaces feels new, however, tempts a reassessment of our conception of the term “contemporary.” This proves especially true in a consideration of the storied, shape-shifting Dia Art Foundation, which recently announced plans to reestablish a presence in Chelsea. The announcement comes six years after Dia closed its Manhattan exhibition spaces, formerly bastions of unorthodox art world practice.

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