Jessica Poli wins H.O.W’s Poetry Contest!

H.O.W. received hundreds of submission to our 2013 poetry contest.  Thanks to all who entered: the work was excellent and many fine poems passed through our offices.   Special note is given to two fine writers — Pat Hale and Simon Perchik– who were runners up.   But, in the end, there could only be one winner. . . .

Congratulations to Jessica Poli, winner of H.O.W’s 2013 Poetry Contest, judged by author Ben Mirov!  Here’s what Ben had to say:

“I like poems that zone me out. Poems that bring me into their time stream and hold me in the light of their weirdness and the purity of their singularity. Jessica Poli’s poems do this to me. They allow me to inhabit a world that is more real than the one in which I live. . . .”

And here is one of Ben’s selections from Jessica’s work, the first of three:

The Future Will Be As Lonely As the Present

The labyrinth’s electricity
See the crow
tangled in the wire?
Open up the sky
See where lightning
connects to the machine


Jessica Poli’s heart belongs to Pittsburgh. She is currently an MFA student at Syracuse University, Editor of Birdfeast Magazine, and Poetry Editor for Salt Hill. Her first chapbook, The Egg Mistress, was published by Gold Line Press in 2013.


Congratulations Jessica!

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