Who We Help

Village Health Works

Village Health Works

Currently we are raising funds to support the work of Village Health Works.

Operating in southwestern Burundi, East Africa, Village Health Works delivers quality and compassionate health care in a dignified environment while treating the root causes and the social determinants of illness, malnutrition, violence, and neglect. Effective community development programs focus on food security, early education, economic development, and peace building.  We are saving lives everyday while bringing hope and dignity to more than 106,000 women, children and family members ensuring the success of Burundi’s future.

For more information visit: www.villagehealthworks.org

Past Organizations

Room To Grow

Room To GrowCurrently we are raising funds to support the work of Room to Grow, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of babies born into poverty throughout their critical first three years of development.

Research has proven that the first three years of life are the most crucial period for cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Gaps appear as early as 18 months and, without targeted intervention, widen over time. Optimal early child development requires responsive care giving, interactive play, cognitive stimulation, and stability in the home and family environment. Unfortunately, parents raising babies amidst the stressors of poverty often lack the knowledge, resources, and support to provide these opportunities.

Room to Grow’s uniquely holistic program roomtogrow-logoprovides three key pillars of support:

– Customized, one-on-one parenting guidance and education;

– Essential material items such as books, toys, clothing and gear to ensure a safe and enriching home environment; and,

– Connections to vital community resources such as quality childcare, mental health services, job training, and nutritional support.

In this way, Room to Grow increases the probability that children will enter Kindergarten ready to learn and continue on to meet their full potential in education, work, and citizenship, thereby making it more likely they will escape poverty as adults.

For more information about Room to Grow’s programming and how to get involved, please visitwww.roomtogrow.org or e-mail infony@roomtogrow.org.

Safe Space – New York


box-safespaceCurrently we are raising funds to help start an art, music and film-making program for young adults at Safe Space. This program gives them the opportunity to work creatively and express themselves in new mediums. The program will help develop the self-confidence and self-esteem necessary to lead positive and productive lives.

Safe Space works with the city’s most at-risk youth and families to build strong families and promote self-sufficiency. Their unique and holistic services are progressive and meet the ever-changing needs of the people they work with each day. Their mission remains urgent: to protect kids, keep them safe and help them grow.

Safe Space serves nearly 10,000 youth and their families throughout Queens and Manhattan using an integrated system of innovative programs in three core areas: Children and Family Services, Young Adult Services and Community Health Services.

Their Young Adult Services are designed specifically to provide young people with the skills necessary to become self-sufficient, successful and productive adults. Young adulthood is a time for discovery, exploration and personal growth. In addition to the typical pressures that young adults face, the young people they work with often lack supportive relationships to guide them through what can be a difficult transition.

For more info on Safe Space visit www.safespacenyc.org

Atetegeb Worku Memorial Orphanage, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

support-addisFunds raised from Issue 1 and Issue 2 helped support Atetegeb Worku Memorial Orphanage which is run by Haregewoin Tefarra, an Ethiopian woman, who opened her home to hundreds of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. She now operates three houses in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa.

The orphanage’s mission is: to house and support children, both HIV positive and HIV negative; to provide food, clothing, education, and medical care; to reunite children with surviving family members whenever possible; to seek new family situations if necessary through licensed inter-county adoption agencies from North America and Europe; and to promote employment among adults living with HIV/AIDS.

SOS Children’s Village, Zanzibar, Tanzania

support-zanzibarSOS Children’s Villages is an international non-governmental social development organisation that has been active in the field of children’s rights and to children’s needs and concerns since 1949. In 132 countries and territories their activities focus on children without parental care and children of families in diffi cult circumstances.

The Villages focus on family-based, long-term care of children who can no longer grow up with their biological families. At SOS Children’s Villages and SOS Youth Facilities the children experience reliable relationships and love once again, meaning that they can recover from what they have experienced, which has often been traumatic. They grow up in a stable family environment, and are supported individually until they become independent young adults.