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Young Poets Part IV

H.O.W. Journal is thrilled to publish the fourth part of our selection of poems by younger poets, curated by Catherine Pond. Enjoy! Lauren Clark: Intimate, poignant, sometimes ferocious, the clear voices in ‘You Write to Me’ and ‘Meditation’ occupy the dark imaginative space between want and need. Lauren Clark is an MFA candidate at the University of Michigan and serves as an editorial intern at the Michigan Quarterly Review.  She is most famous for her enduring love of Beyoncé. Soren Stockman: ‘The Bigger Fire’ and ‘Permission’ are statuesque, chiseled down to a fine, bright logic. Soren Stockman is Program Coordinator for the Summer Literary Seminars program in Vilnius, Lithuania. He is currently an MFA candidate at New York University. His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Playboy, Narrative Magazine, Tiferet Journal, and La Fovea. K.T. Billey: Atmosphere transforms the speakers in ‘Wind’ and ‘Wild Thing Worn Thin,’ two poems that gracefully depict the unraveling world. Hailing from Alberta, Canada, K.T. Billey now lives in New York City. Billey’s poetry has appeared in Other Voices and Blue Stockings Magazine. Marc Jaffee: ‘Blues in the Night’ and ‘Frescoes at Noon’ proceed as part dream-scape, part confession as they bring to light the unendurable with gentle candor. Marc Jaffee is a founding editor of Box of Jars, an online journal of art and literature. He currently lives in Brooklyn. His poems have appeared in The Best American Poetry, The St. Petersburg Review, and others. .

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Young Poets, Part III

H.O.W. Journal is thrilled to publish the third part of our selection of poems by younger poets, curated by Catherine Pond. Enjoy! Austen Rosenfeld: Alienation finds a new form in ‘Codicil,’ a fastidious monologue which spirals into the surreal. Austen Rosenfeld is a poet and freelance writer from Los Angeles who works at a literary agency and lives in Brooklyn. Amy Silbergeld: ‘New England Gothic’ is at once fierce and timid, disturbing and lucid. In plain-spoken language, this narrative poem exposes the psychology of abuse. Amy Silbergeld’s work has appeared or is upcoming in Fence, NAP, The Rumpus, metazen, No, Dear, and elsewhere. Heather Sommer: With chilling control, ‘Black Box’ & ‘Eulogy’ embody the horrific and indescribable nature of trauma. Heather Sommer is an MFA candidate at the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She grew up in Wisconsin. Alexandra Zelman-Doring: Mythic and entrancing, ‘Hebrew Melody’ is an empathetic song of longing and of loss. Alexandra Zelman-Doring is co-founder of Throes Theater.

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