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Young Poets Part VI

H.O.W. Journal is thrilled to publish our SIXTH selection of younger poets, curated by Catherine Pond. Enjoy, and scroll down to read earlier selections. Marina Blitshteyn: ‘My Heart’s Structure is Sound’ hums out the relationship between love and violence, between grace and wildness. It is not only a song, steady and pervasive, but also the anatomy of a conflicted heart. Marina Blitshteyn is the author of Russian for Lovers (Argos Books, 2011) and is currently an adjunct instructor at Fordham and Pace Universities.  * Victoria Bay: With elegance, painful candor, and an alluring surrealism, Bay’s poems ‘Agnosognosia’ and ‘A Burr is a Seed or Dry Fruit in which the Seeds Bear Hooks or Teeth’ embody a fractured psychology and reveal one daughter’s relationship to her mother. Victoria Bay received her BA from Smith College. She is currently an MFA candidate and a Research Arts student at Columbia University. * William Fargason: For the narrator in Fargason’s heart-breaking poem, ‘Sour Wine,’ love is intrinsically linked to guilt, whose ‘poplar yoke wore my shoulders raw.’ William Fargason is a graduate of Auburn University. He is currently a poetry M.F.A. candidate at the University of Maryland. His previous work has appeared in Eclectica Magazine. * Elizabeth Metzger: Metzger’s voice gently scythes in ‘Boy with Barn Owl,’ a tenderly fatal rendering of time and the pastoral. Elizabeth Metzger is an MFA student at Columbia University. She currently works at Parnassus: Poetry in Review. * Shelley Wong: ‘Fidelity’ handles the subject of desire with fluidity and poise, speaking to the feelings of inadequacy that desire brings to light within each of us. Shelley Wong is an MFA candidate at Ohio State University and Associate Poetry Editor for The Journal.

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Young Poets, Part III

H.O.W. Journal is thrilled to publish the third part of our selection of poems by younger poets, curated by Catherine Pond. Enjoy! Austen Rosenfeld: Alienation finds a new form in ‘Codicil,’ a fastidious monologue which spirals into the surreal. Austen Rosenfeld is a poet and freelance writer from Los Angeles who works at a literary agency and lives in Brooklyn. Amy Silbergeld: ‘New England Gothic’ is at once fierce and timid, disturbing and lucid. In plain-spoken language, this narrative poem exposes the psychology of abuse. Amy Silbergeld’s work has appeared or is upcoming in Fence, NAP, The Rumpus, metazen, No, Dear, and elsewhere. Heather Sommer: With chilling control, ‘Black Box’ & ‘Eulogy’ embody the horrific and indescribable nature of trauma. Heather Sommer is an MFA candidate at the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She grew up in Wisconsin. Alexandra Zelman-Doring: Mythic and entrancing, ‘Hebrew Melody’ is an empathetic song of longing and of loss. Alexandra Zelman-Doring is co-founder of Throes Theater.

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Young Poets, Part II

H.O.W. Journal is thrilled to publish the second part of our selection of younger poets. Click on each name to read their poems. Enjoy! EJ Koh: ‘Beyoncé’s Quadruple Platinum Single’ explodes the scope of America’s most famous pop lyrics to encompass the darker, more complex sensations which pulse beneath the mundane. EJ Koh blogs at angelaejkoh.com and she tumbles poetry at ejkoh.tumblr.com.   Dan Kraines: In the poems ‘Licht’ and ‘Next Door,’ Kraines creates, with frightening clarity and precision, an atmosphere which enacts the speaker’s fractured psychology. Dan Kraines teaches in Maryland and is a Masters candidate in Social Thought and Modernism at NYU.   Julia Anna Morrison: With characteristic eloquence and startling emotional power, ‘Primary’ and ‘Normal-Sized Stars’ submerge the reader in Morrison’s realm of longing and loss, in which tragedies are mirrored by the natural world and time itself cannot be held accountable. Julia Anna Morrison is a second year MFA candidate at the University of Iowa. She is from Alpharetta, Georgia.   June Rockefeller: ‘When the River Freezes’ is an oneiric vision in which Rockefeller’s gentle voice examines, with quietude, the mortality we all must come to terms with. June Rockefeller is pursuing an MFA at Emerson College where she serves as the Poetry Editor of Redivider. She is also the Editorial Assistant for the online journal Memorious.

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